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by Lani Kim

When it comes to women’s professional clothing, it’s often difficult to find outfits that are stylish, professional, and look chic. While some offices are definitely moving towards more casual work attire, a layer of professionalism is still needed for work outfits.  

Your outfits say a lot about your working style, so it’s essential to have various pieces that you can style for different work scenarios. Here are some of our top choices for women’s business attire and some styling suggestions. 

Don’t sacrifice comfort for style 

One of the myths around women’s business attire is that style and comfort don’t really mix. If someone wants to be comfortable while working, their outfits won’t necessarily look all that trendy. And if it’s a fashionable outfit, it’s likely an uncomfortable one that won’t work for long days and meetings. 

That doesn’t actually have to be the case, though. As you evolve in your career, you can build a thoughtful, chic wardrobe that makes you feel good. The better you feel in your clothes, the easier it can be to get through your workload.  

If you’re looking for pieces that blend comfort and style, our customer-favorite Comfort Stretch Slim Trouser Pants should be a closet staple. Opt for our iconic white or black styles, or choose from curated color palettes for every season. From autumn’s jewel tones to spring’s floral-inspired shades, these are the pants you’ll always be reaching for since they can go with a variety of blouse styles to look flattering yet comfortable.  

Accessorize thoughtfully 

Your career is all about making the right choices and feeling confident each day. While some work situations are harder to navigate than others, feeling put together and stylish at work can help build and maintain confidence.  

One of the easiest ways is to start with small accessories to add a simple yet elegant touch to outfits. Statement jewelry doesn’t always go with work outfits, especially if it’s a casual environment, but small to medium-sized jewelry can make a big impact.  

You can pair women’s professional clothing with accessories such as the Glass Pearl Stretch Bracelets to add a bit more glam to the look. Or you can go for a more understated work outfit by adding something like the Ella Embossed-Leather D’Orsay Pumps and a Skinny Stretch Belt for an elegant look. 

Invest in wardrobe classics  

No matter where you are in your career, some outfits just don’t go out of style. It’s often challenging to get creative with women’s business attire, but the classics will always be something you can keep coming back to. 

By adding simple pieces to your closet that you can mix and match, you can create capsule collection looks that will always look sleek, stylish, and work-appropriate.  

For example, you can pair neutral colors with gold and silver accessories, or you can go for a brighter colored shoe to add a little more pop to your wardrobe. Investing in some simple classic blouses and pants for your wardrobe will ensure you always have a few pieces that you can mix and match with different accessories to create unique looks.  

Some great additions for your work wardrobe could include the Single-Pleat Shell blouse, paired with pants such as the Modern-Fit Comfort Stretch Slim Ankle Pants for a classically stylish look. You can add simple pearl studs and a skinny belt for an extra touch if necessary, but it’ll look fabulous no matter what! 

Your career potential and wardrobe are connected in some ways, even if we don’t always see the connection right away. Depending on the look, women’s professional clothing can help communicate a sense of confidence and style that will go a long way across different career paths.  

By styling outfits that make you feel confident, happy, and stylish, you just might see a difference in how you approach work as well. Investing in some classic pieces along with sleek and minimal accessories ensures you always have a work-ready wardrobe.  

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