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Upgrading Your Workplace Fashion: 5 Simple Tips for Spring

by Rebecca Casamayor

Workplace fashion can sometimes run stale, but the good news is that spring is here—and it’s the perfect time to give your wardrobe a little extra oomph. Whether it’s through color, pattern, new styles, accessories, or even just rethinking what you already own, here are five ways to upgrade your workplace fashion to have the best—and most fashionable—work week.

1. Embrace a New Color

You already know what wonders a pop of color can do, but try considering a color you haven’t before. Take, for example, shades of red and pink, which are always big colors, but especially so this year (hello, Oscars fashion inspiration). Experiment with different shades and see what works best for you—that might be blush, hot pink, coral, or red depending on your personality and skin tone.

A blonde woman in a pink sleeveless shell top with cowl neck

2. Rethink Your Accessories

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to go hunting through your accessories to see what you can rework. If it’s been a while since you’ve busted out a belt, now’s the time to revisit it and see just how much it can do. Try a wide belt over a buttoned blazer for a more nipped-in look. Or, see what silk scarves have been tucked away: they’re great at the neck, but what about trying them around the waist or at the wrist? And if nothing in your closet is striking your fancy, invest in one new accessory that really speaks to you. Accessories are meant to be emotional choices, so pick what feels right and don’t overthink it too much. There’s no wrong answer.

Hot Pink Stretchy Belt with Two Silver Bars

3. Go Bold with a Signature Jacket

If you’re looking to make a statement, there’s no better way than through a new colored or patterned jacket. By going for a fashion-forward, eye-catching jacket, it will easily mix in with solid neutrals you already own. Instantly upgrade to a fully put-together look in seconds—and by sticking to lengths (hip-length, cropped, or long) and shapes (blazer, trench, long-line, or relaxed shoulders) that you already know work for you, you’ve cut the trying-on process in half.

brunette woman in a red houndstooth cropped trench style jacket

4. Play with Proportion

Trying a new silhouette for your everyday work wear might help you bust up the winter doldrums. Is there a wide-leg pant that might be hiding at the back of your closet that you can try instead of a straight leg one? Or, what about an exaggerated sleeve blouse to give some dimension to a pantsuit? If you’re ready to level up, options like jumpsuits can really invigorate a spring wardrobe. To really go for it, try a jumpsuit in a new, cropped pant length like a culotte—you’ll have heads turning in the best possible way. To keep it sophisticated and office-appropriate, use blazers and cardigans during the day and shed them after work to head straight to dinner.

Blonde woman in a red sleeveless cropped pant culotte jumpsuit

5. Fall in Love, Just Because

Spring is a season of awakening, and there truly is no better time to take fashion by the horns and to charge into the light, bright, and happy days ahead than by buying a piece just because you love it. An item like this sheer trench is just one such piece: it’s fashionable, interesting, and still practical. And the best part is that it’ll bring a smile to your face every time you wear it.

Now is the perfect time to revisit your wardrobe, reflect on it, and round it out if you so wish. Don’t forget to have fun with it.

brunette woman in long sheer organza trench coat

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