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Updating Your Wardrobe: 3 Ways to Give Your Classic Look a Current Touch

by Rebecca Casamayor

There’s a reason a classic look never goes out of style: It’s simple, elegant, and timeless. If this is your signature style, updating your wardrobe with a few trendy touches can make your look feel more fashion forward. Try these three easy updates.

1. Experiment with Textures and Colors

Classic garments like a well-fitting sheath dress or pencil skirt never go out of style, but playing with fabrics and textures can help you feel a little more fashion-forward without sacrificing your signature look. For example, consider adding a wrap dress or pencil skirt in a lace floral print to your wardrobe. Modernizing a classic silhouette with a contemporary print will give you the best of both worlds. If you want to take your classic-but-contemporary look a step further, try adding a faux-fur outer layer or a touch of black leather to your outfit.

2. Play with New Silhouettes

If you’re updating your wardrobe to give it a contemporary touch, don’t be afraid to try new silhouettes. For example, a flouncy peplum top or dress, or a blazer with a nipped-in waist, give a simple silhouette a modern spin. Bonus: A peplum will help to create or play up an hourglass figure. Similarly, if you wear a cardigan often, try swapping it out for a long duster for a more current look. Another bonus: If you wish you were a few inches taller, the length of the duster will help create the illusion of height.

You can also use new silhouettes to bring a sense of individuality to your look. Try a tie-neck blouse or a bell-sleeved dress for a bit of retro flair that will help your simple outfit stand out just a bit more.

3. Accessorize for Uniqueness

Your choice of accessories speaks volumes about your personality. For example, metallic accents can give staples like knee-high boots and scarves a couture-inspired feel, and leopard print can give your look a splash of irreverence and fun. Wear this print on a skinny bow belt or a stack of bangles. These high-fashion, current-looking details are extremely wearable when paired with classic, clean-lined garments.

Even if you’re all about classic style, you’ll still want to make sure your outfits feel fashion-forward and fresh. Updating your wardrobe, and adding your personality through contemporary textiles, silhouettes, and accessories, is key to staying current. Have fun and make your timeless look uniquely yours.

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