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Trench Coat Style Guide: Tips for a Fashion-Forward Spring

by Rebecca Casamayor

The trench coat is a timeless marker of spring fashion. If you’re like us, putting one on for the first time after pushing your enormous padded puffer back into the closet is a milestone. But, while it’s a classic trend that comes back around each year, there’s no need for your trench coat to be boring or uninspired. With our trench coat style guide, you’ll get insight into how to choose and wear your favorites this spring.

Pick Your Length

Mini, midi, or maxi? We’re not talking about skirt lengths here, but trench coat lengths. The mini trench is one that falls to just below your hip and looks great with skinny jeans and heels in an elongated silhouette. The midi trench hits the knee and looks incredible with pleated midi skirts, tights, and ankle booties on chilly spring days. And thirdly, the maxi trench comes all the way down to mid-shin—or even full length. This type of trench looks great with trainers and skinny jeans on the weekend, as it adds polish to any look.

Plaid Trench

Think beyond Beige

The classic color for a designer trench coat is beige, nodding to the coat’s military roots and traditional utilitarian purposes. Beige is still a popular choice (flattering, neutral, and goes with anything—what’s not to like?), but have you considered mixing things up? Navy, khaki, and gray are all as good as beige when it comes to pairing nicely with other colors, and bright red, pink, and white are great choices for a stand-out look this season.

Classic trench coat in roman red

Have Fun with Fabrics

The water-resistant cotton twill trench will always be a mainstay in any woman’s closet, but there are several other options, too. Satin trench coats, with a slight shine, will always look evening-appropriate, while tweeds and checkered fabrics are another great way of adding texture and pattern into your look, not to mention warmth in the early spring. If you’re going for a very high fashion look, why not explore patent leather options? Coated cotton trench coats are the strongest, most waterproof options around—plus, the layer of synthetic coating adds an interesting texture to your outfit. Remember, a classic trench coat has no hood, so make sure to take an umbrella if rain is in the forecast.

Some Fun Styling Tweaks

A trench coat is so versatile that it offers a completely different silhouette depending on whether it is undone or buttoned up. With the buttons closed and a belt tied around the waist, the coat gives off a more formal vibe than when it’s left open like a duster to display the outfit underneath. Why not swap the belt it was sold with for an alternative contrasting belt? If the trench coat has a patterned lining, why not turn the cuffs up to show it off? Get creative and make your own rules for your personal trench coat style guide.

To sum up, the beauty of a trench coat is that it really does go with everything. From jeans and trainers to an evening cocktail dress and tights, finding the right one for you will entirely depend on where you see yourself wearing it.

When shopping for any outerwear, you should consider whether it will be compatible with the existing outfits in your wardrobe. The trench coat is no different, although it is, perhaps, the most versatile of all for your spring closet.

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