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The Five Best Necklines for Zoom

by Kim Izzo

By Kim Izzo

So far, the New Year feels a little like Groundhog Day. Most of us believed, and all of us hoped, we’d be out of pandemic life right about now. But instead of a return to the Before Times, many of us are still #WFH with endless Zoom calls as we try to balance our real lives with our virtual ones.  

What has evolved is our style. During quarantine circa 2020 we coveted athleisure as the new work attire, but winter 2022 ushers in a return in our desire to look good, feel good.  And feeling good has never been more important.  

Those seemingly endless virtual meetings only show our best selves from the waist up, so to stand out among the Zoom-gallery crowd, your focus (and theirs) should laser in on a top with a neckline that works overtime.  

And it’s no coincidence that three of our chosen styles are a variation on the high collar. As British newspaper The Guardian reported, “It is now necklines, not hemlines, that make headline news in fashion.”  

Here are the five best necklines for Zoom: 


We’re not talking Queen Elizabeth I’s stiff upright collar of yore, but a neckline that hits just above the clavicle for a soft and feminine look. A ruffle here, a bit of lace there, like in this short-sleeve lace blouse with black lace overlay and subtle fraying at the neckline, anyway you slice it, it’s a subtle nod to the trend. This lace high-neck shell with black velvet trim and tie has the added bonus of contrasting textures and color which read well on camera. 

Cowl Neck 

Working from home during the winter months makes us want to stay warm and cozy. Enter the cowl neck sweater. Originally created in the 1920s and gained widespread popularity in the 1930s, cowl necks also had a resurgence during the Disco era. Less restrictive than a turtleneck, the neckline can be worn low to reveal your collarbone or high for a softer look. The WHBM Cowl Neck Dolman Sleeve Sweater epitomizes this relaxed style. Ideal for Zoom meetings where you need to feel comfy as you brainstorm with colleagues. 


Also known as a drawstring neck, we love the versatility of this neckline. You can wear it multiple ways, wear it open for a soft V-neck, which will let you work your best statement necklaces, or adjust the tie for a variety of looks to suit your meeting. We love how this WHBM Matte Jersey Leopard Print Top does double duty with its tie-neckline and a stylish leopard-print.  

Halter Neck  

The classic halter neckline made a raging comeback in 2021, but as Vogue UK wrote, “the cut has been reimagined by designers in almost every decade.” Perhaps the most famous halter look was the iconic white dress that Marylin Monroe wore in the Seven Year Itch. Later into the 1970s and ‘80s, American fashion designer Halton delivered the halter neckline via tops and dresses to a receptive female customer. Cut to today and dozens of Instagram influencers are posting selfies with the sexy and flattering top. Why does it work for Zoom? A halter neckline is the ideal showcase for the athletic woman who wants to bare arms (and shoulders). A halter top reads casual yet chic style. Our Sleeveless Starburst Halter with its black and white contrast starburst pattern that offers the perfect amount of coverage for the business crowd. And if you’re ever in doubt, layer a blazer.  

Mock Neck  

We love the cool girl vibe of a mock neck top – which is essentially a top with a lower neckline. It’s still a streamlined look but not as extreme as its turtleneck cousin. Mock necks come in everything from sleeveless tees to sweaters to blouses, so no matter the climate you work in, you can find this flattering silhouette to suit the temp and your mood. For added flair try a mock neck blouse with a keyhole detail, revealing a whisper of décolletage.  


You knew we had to include it, right? There are few wardrobe staples as iconic as a turtleneck sweater. Historically, it was a working-class item that morphed into the choice of polo players in the upper class and beyond. By the time the 20th Century rolled around everyone from playwright Noel Coward to starlet Audrey Hepburn was sporting the look. In the 1957 film, Funny Face, Hepburn’s character famously said, “The pullover with a high collared neck still has a powerful allure that communicates, ‘I’m different.’”  

We couldn’t agree more. Not only does it create a sleek monochrome look, but it keeps the neck covered, which highlights your face beautifully. This super-sleek Transfer-Rib Turtleneck is fitted close to the body for a flattering and yes, slimming, look.  

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