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Red, White, & You: Styling 4th of July Clothes

by Kim Izzo

Independence Day celebrations are one of the main highlights of the summer season. It’s a time to gather with family and friends, enjoy the warm weather, and indulge in delicious barbeque favorites. But it also means you get to show up in your best festive outfits.

We’re here to help you find the perfect wardrobe for your Fourth of July weekend, so you can be ready to soak up the sun and celebrate while also looking stunning.

Whether you are spending the weekend barbecuing, on a boat, or at upscale soirées, we’ll help you select 4th of July clothes that suit the occasion. Curate the ideal red, white, and blue wardrobe now to ensure you have the best possible weekend while feeling confident and comfortable.

4th of July Clothing Staples

No matter what you have planned, there are some women’s 4th of July clothing staples you can start with.

  • Denim is an easy but timeless way to incorporate blue into your 4th of July outfit—whether that’s shorts, capris, or jeans. Try our Ultimate Sculpt™ collection for a slimming effect that you’ll be grateful for after that round of seconds.
  • White tops are classic and simple. This could be a tee, button-up, tunic, or tank, depending on whether you want to keep it casual or dress up a bit.
  • Red accents and accessories. If you prefer to keep your wardrobe fairly neutral, you may not naturally gravitate toward red, but it is an essential component of a festive 4th of July outfit. Work it into your accessories to keep it minimal.
  • Sunglasses and hats are a must-have for this summer holiday. Pair a hat, sunglasses, or both with your 4th of July clothes to protect your eyes and face from the sun while elevating your style.

With these essentials, you’ll be ready for the 4th of July weekend and any summer vacation you plan to take.

Dressing for the Occasion

Which type of 4th of July clothing will be best for you will depend on what you have planned for the long weekend. Are you going to be primarily inside or outside? Do your plans revolve around daytime or nighttime activities? Do you plan on working up a sweat or sitting back and taking it easy?

Asking yourself these questions and considering your plans will help you decide which pieces to wear for the Fourth.

Below, we’ve put together some outfit ideas for a few of the most popular 4th of July weekend activities to help you start off on the right foot.

At the Barbeque

Barbeques are usually very casual, so it is a great opportunity to opt for comfort and coolness—that summer sun can be quite unforgiving when you spend all day outside. So, what should you wear?

Luckily the color palette for 4th of July clothing is fairly cool, so that’s a start. For many women, shorts are an obvious option for summer barbeques and allow you to get a bit of color while you soak up the summer sun. Our Mid-Rise Everyday Soft Denim™ Bermuda Shorts feature high-stretch fabric and a flattering silhouette that will compliment any of our women’s tops.

If you prefer a little more coverage, flared jeans are an unrestrictive style perfect for a laid-back summertime look. Wide-leg jeans also tend to be roomier and more comfortable, so you can really relax and kick back. Learn more about the different jean leg shapes to determine which fit might be best for you. Pair your shorts or pants with a simple white shirt and you’ve got one outfit ready to go for your Independence Day weekend festivities.

Keep it simple and easy with a casual dress in one of the Fourth of July colors. For example, our Perfect White Summer Dress is an excellent choice. It has an elastic drawstring waist for an adjustable fit, and yes, it has pockets. There’s also our Easy T Shirt Dress in indigo which is the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Shop our women’s tees and pants for comfortable 4th of July clothes that are your style.

On the Beach

Are you heading to the coastline for the holiday weekend? You’ll need some beachside essentials as well as versatile clothing options that suit the cooler weather that can arise when the breeze picks up or in the evening.

First, let’s talk swimwear. Create your own festive swim set with our tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched. The Shirred Wrap Bikini Bottom is vibrant red and, even better, features a flattering wrap design to help you feel confident as you enjoy the ocean breeze. Pair it with our blue Halter Tankini Top that has a plunge neckline and empire waist. And don’t forget a fashionable cover-up that you can throw on when you get out of the water without worrying about the saltwater damaging your clothing. Complete your red, white, and blue beach look with a white cover-

up. The Crochet Beach Cover-Up is a sexy and stylish addition to your swim attire. Plus, it’s made of 100% polyester and can also be worn with other clothes underneath like tank tops and a pair of jean shorts.

Wearing a white or blue bathing suit? The Convertible-Shoulder Romper Swim Cover-Up comes in a bright red hue that is both flattering and festive.

Sideline at a Parade

Standing sideline at a parade is exciting, but it also means you’ll likely be sitting in the sun for a few hours.

Sleeveless tops like our Matte Jersey Lace-Up Tank let you cheer and wave to the floats passing by while also keeping hot fabric off your arms. This tank comes in solid white as well as a blue and white tiled pattern, both of which are perfect choices for 4th of July clothing. Pair our One-Shoulder Twist Sleeve Tee with a pair of straight jeans for a modern and chic look.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you’d like to cover up your arms to protect them from the sun but don’t want to be hot, a long-sleeve dress in a light fabric may be a good option. Our Long-Sleeve White Eyelet Dress is breathable and feminine but slightly dressier.

It might also be wise to bring along a Lace Embroidered Wrap if you are concerned about the weather getting a bit cooler as the day goes on. You can wrap it around your shoulders to keep the chills at bay or even tie it around your waist if necessary.

Cheering at Sporting Events

Sports are the classic American pastime and a great way to bond with family and friends on Independence Day. Sporting events don’t require a jersey, but if you want to wear one, pair it with our Mid-Rise Pret-A-Pedi Crop Pants in one of our red shades to stay on theme (or one of the many other colors they come in).

You don’t have to wear a jersey, though, if you’re not partial to a team or want to wear something that’s more your style. Our High Rise Scult Destructed Girlfriend Jeans can be worn with a white or red casual tee for a simple yet put-together look. If the game is outdoors, make sure to bring a jacket—the white Flirty Denim Jacket is the perfect summer outerwear.

If you’re watching the game on TV at someone’s home, keeping it simple is likely the best way to go. Wear a pair of our sleek and soft leggings or denim shorts with a cami or sleeveless top like our Matte Jersey Lace-Up Tank in Ecru or Sienna.

In the Crowd of a Concert

When it comes to 4th of July clothing for women that you can wear to concerts, you can dress up a bit more compared to other activities you might partake in over the weekend. Concerts are the perfect opportunity to really show off your style. The Godet Pleat Mini Dress is a flirty yet sophisticated dress that could also double for an upscale outdoor soirée. Want something a little more casual? An Independence Day concert is the perfect occasion to wear white denim that can pair with a red or blue top. Top it off with the Eyelet Motorcycle Jacket for a classic, slightly edgy look.

For a daytime concert, accentuate the All-American look with a pair of Braided High-Heel Wedge and a blue handbag like the Fringe Crossbody Bag.

For More Upscale Gatherings

A blue option for upscale parties and gatherings is the Denim Blue Knit Midi Dress which is quite sleek and elegant for evening events. This dress is form-fitting yet comfortable to wear, perfect for hours of standing and socializing.

The Sleeveless Ruffle Wrap Dress is another option for an elegant yet not over-the-top look for 4th of July parties that might have a slightly more sophisticated dress code. The beautiful blue hues with swirls of white are eye-catching and can be complemented by a pair of red earrings or shoes for a pop of color.

If dresses aren’t your preferred style, a pair of stylish pants are also a great option. Our Comfort Stretch Slim Ankle Pants are structured yet flattering from every angle, thanks to our 360-degree power smoothing technology. Wear them with a tucked-in white blouse for an elegant look that still has a slightly relaxed air that is expected for the 4th of July weekend.

More Tips for Styling 4th of July Clothes

Are you still feeling a bit unsure about what you’re going to wear over the 4th of July weekend? Here are a few more tips that can help guide you when picking out  your 4th of July clothing options:

  • Don’t be too focused on playing up the red, white, and blue in every element of your outfit. These colors can be combined in a variety of ways, like playing with different types of accessories to incorporate small but noticeable accents.
  • Come up with a few options and then see how you’re feeling the day of. As we mentioned above you have options for whatever types of activities you plan to partake in over the weekend. If you feel like you could get away with both a dressier and more casual look, see what you’re in the mood for while getting ready.
  • Check the weather a few days before to make sure your outfit is suitable, especially if you’re going away for the weekend and can only bring a few 4th of July clothing items. For example, you don’t want to be stuck with only pants when it’s going to be too hot to be comfortable in them.
  • When in doubt, ask what friends or family are wearing. For a lot of people, it’s better to blend in than stick out from the crowd. That way, you can make sure you’ll feel comfortable with what type of style you choose to go with for the festivities.

With these types in mind, you’ll be better equipped to ensure that you can feel comfortable and confident all weekend.

Celebrate the 4th of July Weekend in Style

The Fourth of July weekend should be stress-free, and sorting out your wardrobe ahead of time can help make sure of that. With modern and feminine pieces from White House Black Market, you can find 4th of July clothing options that speak to your personality, flatter your figure, and allow you to strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. Shop now to elevate your wardrobe with the perfect 4th of July clothes for women.

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