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Pink Outfit Ideas That You Can Wear to Work

by Rebecca Casamayor

Have you ever wondered how anyone who isn’t Elle Woods gets away with wearing pink to work? Going pink doesn’t necessarily mean wearing it from head to toe or sporting the brightest shade you can find (although those are possibilities), but rather finding what works for you and incorporating pink outfit ideas with pieces you already own. Pink comes in many different shades, from more muted mauve to baby pink to neon, and there are countless ways to mix some of this playful shade into your closet.

Below are four suggestions for pieces that will easily pair with your other workwear essentials to inject some pink into your everyday look. We’ll start small with footwear and work our way up to a bold, magenta jacket. Whether you want to make a statement or just sprinkle a little bit of color into your look, there are pink outfit ideas that will work for you.

A Classic Pump

What’s the easiest way to get comfortable wearing a new color? Get a piece that you already love in that different shade. No workwear wardrobe is complete without a classic pair of pumps, and this scalloped suede pair is great for spring and summer. By simply swapping out your go-to black shoes for pink, you can elevate your whole outfit without feeling like you’ve gone overboard.

Pink Pumps

A Patterned Blouse

If you’re not ready to fully commit to this bold hue, try substituting a patterned blouse for your usual black or white one. This floral shell has an interesting high neck detail and is pleated, giving it a unique silhouette. It also contains two different shades of pink as well as gray on a white background so that you can pair it easily with your favorite gray trousers or a white blazer.

Patterned shell

Pale Pink Trousers

This shade of pale pink has grown in popularity over the last few years and is a great way to test the waters of wearing a pink garment without feeling like you’re overdoing it. Pair these pants with your favorite white T-shirt and black blazer to keep it simple, or try wearing them with a patterned blouse to add another interesting element.

Pink Pants

A Bold Blazer

If you’re ready to commit to the power of pink, nothing makes a statement quite like a bold blazer jacket. This magenta hue screams “powerhouse” and will help you own any room you walk into. If you’re attending a conference and want to be remembered, or if you have to give a presentation at work, a piece like this will make you look and feel confident and up to the task.

Magenta Blazer

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