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Perfecting a Spring Wardrobe Transition: 4 Must-Have Garments

by Rebecca Casamayor

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and it’s time to put away your giant winter coat. Spring is right around the bend. It’s an exciting time, but assembling the perfect light and airy spring wardrobe can be tricky when you’ve been bundled up the past several months.

The key to mastering the winter to spring transition is picking pieces that can be worn in more than one season. Here are four versatile garments that’ll make your spring wardrobe transition a breeze and will help you create streamlined outfits into summertime and beyond.

1. A Sleeveless Midi Dress

Whether you opt for a calf-length dress or a high-low style, midi dresses are great for flexing between seasons. They look cozy in winter with a layered turtleneck and boots; and by just adding a lightweight cardigan or wrap sweater as the weather warms, this garment transforms. Ultimately, you can wear a sleeveless dress by itself in summer, making this an extremely hardworking wardrobe staple.

Florals are widely accepted year-round as a seasonless print. Just keep in mind that florals in neutrals and primary colors have more longevity than winter’s jewel tones or spring’s pastels.

Animal Midi Dress

2. An Embellished Jacket

This classic silhouette with all the French fixings (tweed, gold buttons, contrast piping) is a great piece to layer over dresses in winter. Come spring, a stylish jacket can be worn with skirts and lightweight blouses, or with dresses made from lighter fabrics. Try wearing one with jeans and a tank to really bring an element of sophistication to your weekend look.

In order to keep your outfit from looking stuck in a certain season, pick embellished jackets in neutrals like white, black, gray, and navy.

Lace Trim Jacket

3. A Pair of White Pants

Speaking of neutrals: White is not exclusively for summer anymore. When crafted from sturdy fabric blends, and even performance materials like spandex, white pants can be the staple of a chic work outfit—no matter the season.

Pants in this shade look gorgeous in winter with tall boots and a cozy sweater, or in spring with colored pumps and a silky blouse. And as temps heat up, go sleeveless with a light cardigan to get a year’s worth of wear out of these workhorse pants.

Ecru Pant

4. A Sharp Jumpsuit

You might be wondering what a jumpsuit is doing on this list, but it can be one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe with a little ingenuity.

A two-tone style gives the illusion of two pieces—with only one zip. For winter, you can layer up with a thin turtleneck underneath. For office-appropriate attire in spring, add a long belted cardigan. Level up in warmer months by taking this style out for a spin as an alternative to cocktail attire. Just add strappy sandals and eye-catching jewelry and you’re all set.

A brunette woman in a sleeveless two-tone black and white jumpsuit

When planning your spring wardrobe transition, remember that it’s a gradual process and that layering is key. To help with that, choose mostly blended fabrics and not extremes. For example, stay away from too many pieces in velvet and wool in winter, or linen in summer. By being thoughtful with fabric choices, you’ll have an easy time making the transition and will have so many more options to choose from in the long run.

By keeping transitional pieces you love in the rotation, and then mixing and matching them with seasonal pieces, you’ll be able to make the most out of your wardrobe all year long.

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