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Nailing the Statement Jacket: 7 Jackets to Transform Your Wardrobe This Spring

by Rebecca Casamayor

There are a few fashion items that can completely change an outfit in 60 seconds flat—and a statement jacket is one of them. Shrug one on over a T-shirt and jeans or over a sheath dress and you’ll find yourself instantly flaunting a new outfit. It’s also one of those rare items that you can get tons of mileage out of—dress it up, dress it down, wear it on the weekend or to the office—you name it, the statement jacket works. Another perk? Once the weather warms up this spring, you’ll finally be able to make a statement in your statement jacket.

Trust us, you’re going to want to play around and experiment with this spring fashion piece. Here are seven statement jackets to consider adding to your wardrobe this season.

1. The Duster Coat

Think of a duster coat as a long, light coat that you can wear all day long. It isn’t too heavy, and it’s perfect for wearing in the spring. It always makes a statement, whether you opt for a print or a simple solid color. It has a lot of range, so you can pop it on over a dress for an important meeting to feel like a total boss or over jeans for casual occasions.

2. The Not-So-Typical Denim Jacket

Everybody has a denim jacket in their closet, but not everyone has a statement denim jacket. Why not go for an oversized style or one with lace-up detailing? Again, this is a piece that you can dress up or down—wear it with fitted black pants or even over a black jersey dress.

3. The Leopard Blazer

Leopard manages to be both a statement and a neutral all in one. How many patterns can you say that about? Add a leopard blazer to a neutral-colored outfit of black, white, gray, or camel, and you are going to inject whatever you are wearing with just the right amount of cool.

4. Spring’s New Bomber Jacket

Prepare for bomber jackets to be everywhere this spring. And not just regular, boring bomber jackets. This season, they come in everything from lace to satin. Trade your traditional office blazer for a statement bomber jacket when you’re wearing a pencil skirt or colored jeans and you’ll have an instant outfit upgrade on your hands.

5. The Tweed Jacket

This quintessential statement jacket will be a mainstay in your closet, adding elegance to everything from a pair of jeans and a T-shirt to a pleated skirt and a tailored white blouse. You can even drape it over your shoulders when you’re wearing a gown to a wedding or a formal occasion. This spring, don’t be afraid to go for a tweed jacket in a new silhouette, including a moto jacket, too.

Tweed jacket

6. The Leather Blazer

Why wear your safe black blazer for the 1,000th time when you can opt for a double-breasted leather jacket? It’s sophisticated enough to wear to the office, but cool enough to wear to after-work events or to dinner on the weekend.

7. The Oversized Menswear Jacket

It’s a statement even in just plain black, but this spring, try an oversized menswear jacket in a color like light blue or pink or in a print like florals or stripes. There really is no limit to where you’ll be able to wear this piece, but when in doubt, combine it with white jeans or a colorful cocktail dress.

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