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Matching Sets: A Stylist’s Secret Weapon

by Faran Krentcil

From Jackie O. to Amal Clooney, style icons have found that wearing matching sets is a classic way to look polished, smart, and very put together. (Sets like these let you get dressed in five minutes. How’s that for a terrific bonus?) Still, Hollywood stylists and fashion insiders know a matching set isn’t just about ease. Scroll through to see how else these wardrobe staples can work for your closet, your life, and your fashion goals as we move into spring.

Matching Sets Work Year-Round

How genius is a black-and-white tartan skirt with a matching trench coat? Not only does it create a powerful look when striding into the office, but it’s also a practical choice. A knee-length skirt in a classic print works for all seasons, at the office and outside it, as well. Add a T-shirt on top for a casual day, a button-up Oxford for traditional suiting, or a warm sweater when there’s a chill. You could even pair it with a college sweatshirt and sneakers for weekend brunch. As for the topcoat, it works for fall and spring—and even in winter for milder climates.

Spring 2019

They Work with Bold Colors

This bright fuchsia might be an unexpected choice for your work wardrobe. Yet, because a matching set has clean lines and a tidy, linear silhouette, you can make a bold color move while still feeling comfortable and in control. For maximum results, pair it with a slim, neutral heel and bag and minimal jewelry to let the look (and you) shine with grace.

Pink Matching Set

They Make Day-to-Night a Breeze

Everyone loves a good secret—and a matching suit jacket and pants have a great one: though it appears to be all-business, once the jacket comes off, it’s the perfect outfit for a drink, a date, or a dinner party. Matching sets make it easy to transform one look into another, without having to stash extra clothes and shoes under your desk. A quick swipe of red lipstick or some extra eyeliner and this ensemble is ready to transform from office chic to night out style.

Black Suit

They’re a Fresh Alternative to Day Dresses

A floral dress is always gorgeous, but for day weddings, alumni functions, and holiday meals, a stunning tweed suit goes a long way. Once the provenance of Mad Men wives, the tweed suit has evolved into a sleek and very pretty option for those wanting to stand out demurely in a crowd. Pro tip: make sure it looks modern by keeping the hemline above the knee.

Tweed Suit

You Can Remix Them with Jeans

Of course, buying a matching set means you’re getting two outfits in one. Think of the possibilities, like a tweed blazer paired with a tank top, wide-leg jeans, and heels for a runway-ready look. The next day, you can take the matching tweed skirt, partner it with a cropped denim jacket and a turtleneck, and channel the French film starlets of the 1960s. Whatever your personal style, a matching set is the perfect infusion of new things to pair with your favorite denim stash.

Spring 2019

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