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Mastering the Wardrobe Uniform to Simplify Your Mornings

by Rebecca Casamayor

The wardrobe uniform is a complete and total game-changer, both for your style and your peace of mind. There comes a point in every woman’s life where you just don’t want to stand in front of the closet every morning, stressing about what to wear. There are too many other more important things to worry about—and spending time plotting effortlessly chic outfits day after day shouldn’t be one of them.

Still, that’s not to say you don’t want to look put together on a daily basis. Cue: the wardrobe uniform. A uniform allows you to maintain your stylish life all while getting the top priorities done day in and day out. The key to putting together the most effective daily uniform is tailoring it to your likes and needs, seeing as what works well for one woman might not work for another. Consider the following questions to learn how to build the perfect wardrobe uniform for your style and your life.

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What Silhouettes and Styles Do You Gravitate Toward?

First and foremost, think about what’s already in your closet and what pieces you find yourself wearing again and again. You’re going to want to build your uniform around these items. Are you more of a dress person or pants-and-a-top person? If you love dresses, then commit to dresses as your daily uniform and build from there. If pants and tops are more up your alley, do the same. Don’t try to force yourself to wear a dress (or any piece of clothing) if you don’t love them. Channel Marie Kondo here and just get rid of them if they don’t spark joy.

From here, hone in on the silhouettes you love, look good in, and feel comfortable wearing. If your uniform wardrobe is going to be a dress, decide whether it’s a sheath, an A-line, empire waist—whatever you feel the best in. Do the same with your pants and top combination so that your closet is full of pieces that really work for you. This isn’t to say that you have to commit to wearing the same exact dress every single day. The idea is that you would fill out your closet with more pieces that fit within your wardrobe uniform and less of those trendy, spur-of-the-moment purchases that just hang there with the tags still on, waiting for just the right opportunity.

Spring 2019

What Color Dominates Your Closet?

Once you have a handle on the general styles and shapes you want, think about what colors should make up your daily uniform. Maybe you’re like us and you lean heavily on black and white pieces. Or, maybe red is your go-to color. Nail down your color scheme based on what’s already in your closet and your skin and hair color.

Again, you aren’t tied down to wearing only these hues; instead, use them as a starting point. Even if you only like to wear black and white, you could look for black-and-white patterns and prints, shades of black or white, or black and white in different fabrics. There is so much room to be creative and have fun here. Whenever you want to add some color, work it in with a bold lipstick or bright accessories, like a colorful tote bag or eye-catching drop earrings, to mix things up.

How Does Your Wardrobe Need to Function?

A good uniform balances style and function. We’ve nailed the style portion of the equation, but it’s also important to think about how you spend your days and what you need out of your clothes. Do you need pieces that can transition well from work to play? Or, maybe you need pieces that are more comfortable and machine-washable? Assess what your greatest issues are with your current wardrobe in terms of how it functions and then tackle them head-on by figuring out solutions. For example, add more wrinkle-free or wrinkle-resistant pieces into the mix, stop buying dry clean-only clothes if you’re frustrated with the endless dry cleaning cycles, and if your feet are always killing you, start investing in shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. If you want to really get the most out of your clothes, consider adding reversible options.

Making these small adjustments to your wardrobe can make a huge impact on your daily life. Trust us when we tell you that your mornings will become far less stressful and much more satisfying.

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