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How to Wear Blue Fashion: Nailing the Spring Style

by Rebecca Casamayor

When you think of spring fashion, colors like pastel pink and light yellow probably come to mind. However, if these classic spring hues aren’t your favorite, you might be searching for another way to make a fashion statement this season—and what better color to turn to than blue?

Blue looks great on a range of complexions, and there are so many shades that no one could ever call it boring. If blue is your go-to, the following are several new ways to wear blue fashion in the spring.

Brighten up Workwear with Light Blue

Many women like to keep their work wardrobes on the neutral side, wearing predominantly whites, blacks, and grays. You can easily make a case for blue as another workplace-friendly color, and if you want to brighten up your normal workwear this spring, you can do so with shades of light blue.

You can wear light blue the same way you’d wear white—a light blue blouse looks polished under a blazer, or you could pair a light blue dress with a darker cardigan. These classic combinations are still appropriate for formal offices, but they have a touch of brightness that’s perfect for spring.

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Use Navy as a Base

Navy is a timeless color—it never goes out of style and can be worn year-round. However, navy may not necessarily scream spring. If you want to put a spring twist on your navy wardrobe staples, use them as a foundation for other brighter colors. Navy blue pairs well with just about anything, so it’s a great base to start building an ensemble.

For instance, you could put a fun floral scarf or brightly colored statement necklace over a navy blue dress or blouse. Another option is to wear navy blue pants with a pastel coat and sandals. This classic shade of blue is the perfect way to complement your favorite spring trends.

Have Fun with Blue Prints

Who said spring prints have to be warm tones? Flower-inspired patterns are a staple of spring fashion, and you can often find them in cheerful shades of blue. Whether you’re drawn to large, abstract motifs or small, repetitive patterns, blue is a calm and flattering shade for floral prints.

This year, two particularly trendy shades of blue include “dove blue,” which is a few shades darker than baby blue, and teal, which has more of a green hue—both these blues make for lovely spring florals. You can easily pair a blue floral blouse with your favorite jeans or, on warmer days, break out a blue sundress with a spring pattern.

Go Bold with Royal Blue

If you want to make a bold statement, royal blue will make sure people notice your outfit. This bright, saturated shade is undeniably eye-catching, but you’ll want to make sure you use it sparingly so as not to overwhelm.

It’s best to use royal blue in small doses—try incorporating a bright blue handbag or shoe into your spring look. Alternatively, you can liven up a neutral outfit with a royal blue sweater or jacket. These little pops of color will elevate your style and shake off those winter vibes.

Dress up in Jewel Tones

Do you have a wedding or other formal event to attend this spring? Jewel tones like teal are the perfect seasonal-yet-serious shade to wear.

You can pair a blue fashion jumpsuit with a simple beige jacket and nude heels for a glamorous, fashion-forward look. If jumpsuits aren’t your style, you can also find dresses or pantsuits in the same rich shade. It’s a great way to stand out in a sea of light pinks and lavenders.


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