Different By Design From Runway to Closet


by Lani Kim

A cozy femme sweater from WHBM

Thanks to the hot après ski chic trend, sweaters are having a very big moment; we love how this season’s sweater style embraces the glamour of the winter wonderland. No longer is the sweater something utilitarian to wear to stay warm when the temperatures dip; it’s absolutely a fashion centerpiece in its own right.  

At White House Black Market, we’re especially excited by our knitwear this year; without sacrificing an ounce of warmth or comfort, our sleek, fitted silhouettes are exactly what you need to take your winter wardrobe up a notch. Our sweaters are also exceptionally versatile, pairing well with a pair of tall leather boots and denim, or with a dressier pair of trousers and a low heel.  

With so much fashionable knitwear to explore, which type of sweater will suit you best—a classic, figure-conscious pullover, the more relaxed-fitting tunic, the always-stylish turtleneck, or a comfy cardigan? Whether you’re searching for a polished knit look to wear to the office or for a cozy Saturday morning adventure to your favorite art gallery, your options abound. 

Let’s unravel all the choices.


WHBM classic pullover sweater

If you’re trying to capture that “French girl style” this winter, a pullover is a must-have. Thinner, sleeker knitwear is big this year, and pullovers from White House Black Market epitomize that milieu. What’s nice about a pullover is that it keeps you warm without adding bulk, so you can wear it under a blazer or even a cardigan. A pullover is also perfect for casual Fridays: pair with denim and high boots for a look that means business. 

What should you look for when you’re shopping for a pullover? We recommend keeping the shape simple and smooth and the fabric lightweight. Express your own personal style with elevated details like button trim, ribbing, or lace sleeves. 


WHBM tunic is longer, with a more relaxed fit

The word “pullover” sounds like it should refer to anything that you put on by pulling it over your head, but the term in modern fashion parlance has come to refer to a more body-conscious shape. Tunics, on the other hand, have a more relaxed, drapey fit. That doesn’t mean they aren’t also figure-flattering! While certainly you will find tunics that more closely embrace the unstructured garments that were originally worn in Rome and later in Medieval societies, today’s tunics tend to be designed to taper in exactly the right places. Especially at White House Black Market—we craft our tunics to offer maximum comfort while flowing with your curves, and showcasing a beautiful, feminine neckline. Tunics have a great longer length that makes them a natural match with leggings, including our signature WHBM Runway Leggings.  

Sleek, fluid, and perfect with denim, our Mixed Media Tunic is one of the centerpieces of our line this season, and we know you’ll love it. How can we be so sure? It’s based on a silhouette our customers have always loved, but updated with a nod to today’s sleeker look. 


pair a turtleneck sweater with a vest or blazer

Turtlenecks have had their “on” and “off” moments throughout fashion history. In the 1940s and 1950s, Hollywood’s “sweater girls” gave these tighter knits a pinup vibe, while in the 1960s, as the uniform of French poets and American beat poets alike, they became the uniform at universities and crowded cafes. The turtleneck’s popularity has wavered in decades that followed, but fitted, ribbed turtlenecks in luxe fabrics are back this year—and hotter than ever. 

The key this year is to go for an elevated turtleneck–not your grandmother’s basic, plain knit. White House Black Market’s turtlenecks feature of-the-moment ribbing which is designed to flatter your curves, and delicate details like fabric-covered buttons to add femininity. Like our pullovers, WHBM turtlenecks are lighter weight so you can layer them under a blazer—or add a cardigan for extra coziness.  

So versatile is the turtleneck that you’ll certainly need more than one color! A black turtleneck is a must but be sure to take advantage of this season’s warm, jewel-toned hues, too.  

What if you don’t love how a turtleneck feels on your neck—but still love the style? A good option is a mockneck. Like a turtleneck, it adds warmth at your neckline but it doesn’t go up to your chin, making it the perfect option if you want to keep cool while staying warm.   


look for a cardigan with texture or sophisticated details

Long before Taylor Swift wrote her record-topping ode to the cardigan, this sweater jacket was a staple for every woman who’s worked in a chilly office, and needed something cozy to slip over her shoulders as she drank her morning coffee and got caught up on email. But while that old cardigan on your office chair might be of basic, oversized variety, this season has reinvented the sweater jacket as a polished fashion statement that is anything but basic. 

White House Black Market’s designers added subtle yet sophisticated details, like studding and fringe, to elevate these must-have sweater jackets. Soft, breathable woven fabrics offer just the right amount of warmth—and like all WBHM sweaters (and other garments, for that matter), our cardigans are machine washable.  

Since you’ll be wearing cardigans so many different places and times of year, how do you choose the most stylish option? Look for neutral colors that complement other hues in your wardrobe and find a silhouette that works with your shape. A sweater belt can emphasize a slim waist, while ribbing can add flattering structure without bulk, and looks great under a skinny leather belt. The neckline matters, too; a nice “V” shape or lapels can elongate your neck and call attention to a pretty necklace or a silky pattern blouse worn underneath.  

Whether you add a pullover, tunic, turtleneck or cardigan—or all of the above—to your wardrobe this season, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: coziness and style…all the more reason to celebrate sweater weather! 

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