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How to Pair Necklaces and Necklines

by Faran Krentcil

Pairing necklaces and necklines may sound like a simple task, but in terms of fashion styling, it’s an art. Like finding the perfect frame for a painting, selecting the right jewelry is a real talent that elevates your entire look and draws the eye to your favorite features.

So, which necklaces work best with different necklines? Here’s a handy guide to some easy accessory pairings to make life simpler and more glamorous, all at once.

For a Fitted Crewneck

There’s something especially elegant about a collar necklace that sits just a few centimeters below the curved neckline of a fitted sweater or top. It’s especially striking if the necklace itself can play with negative space and geometric shapes, as if every time you turn your head, you become a living piece of art. By choosing collar necklaces with adjustable chain lengths, it’s easy to custom-fit the necklaces for necklines with each and every outfit. A short statement necklace, for example, is a gorgeous accent to your favorite turtleneck.


Under a Blazer or Jacket

Length is your friend when accessorizing layers, and a pendant necklace is perfect for underneath blazers and jackets. A longer, thinner chain helps elongate the body, and attached to the right charm or statement piece, it’s a chic way to show your creative flair. Choose an architectural shape for events like an art party or a brainstorm meeting. Or, sport a vintage heart to flaunt a softer, romantic side.


For a Plunging Neckline or V-Neck

A lower neckline is the perfect opportunity to show off tiered or layered necklace styles, which can be especially glamorous with a simple black dress or top. Think of investing in neutral stones like pearl, crystal, quartz, or tiger’s eye for maximum versatility, and don’t be afraid to choose bigger stones for a bolder belle-of-the-ball effect.


For a Strapless or Bandeau Neckline

Think a horizontal neckline requires a straight-across necklace? Not necessarily. The benefit of a shorter drop necklace is the way it showcases a beautiful gem and accentuates beautifully bare shoulders. Look for a delicate piece that ends in a tiny showstopper, like a pearl or a dazzling crystal. Again, when it comes to necklaces and necklines, don’t forget the stylist’s trick of choosing a piece with an adjustable chain length, so the necklace works with several outfits and always lets you shine.


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