Denim + Couture


by Lani Kim

One of the greatest things about road trips is the inherent element of spontaneity. However, while that makes the adventure fun, it also makes road trips extremely hard to plan. As you start thinking about your packing-list-for-road-trip essentials, you’re likely to run into some dilemmas. 

When it comes to choosing your road trip clothes, keep versatility in mind. It’s impossible to plan for every instance and event, so don’t stress yourself trying. Here are some of our top suggestions for stylish yet comfortable women’s road trip attire to take the frustration out of packing so you can focus on the things that matter, like having fun and making memories. 


You’ll want to pack light on your trip, so consider clothes that pull double duty. That’s why the everyday uniform is a road tripper must. These are the clothes you’ll be wearing the most during the trip, so they need to be stylish enough for any situation yet comfortable enough for long hours spent on the road. You’ll want to pack light on your trip, so consider clothes that pull double duty. 

Pair a super comfy Jetsetter Tee with some leggings or jeans to achieve a baseline neutral look you can dress up or down. Rolled hem shorts and utility skirts with cute blouses and tanks are light, easy to pack, and always look great. 

Think about dressing in layers as you plan your road trip outfits, as the weather can change unexpectedly. On cool mornings you’ll be grateful for the extra layer, which you can shed later as it warms up. 


Denim was once a point of contention when it came to road trip clothes. Assumed to be too stiff and uncomfortable for travel, they weren’t a staple in women’s road trip attire. But times have changed, and jeans are more comfortable than ever before. 

For example, take the Everyday Soft jeans that are as comfortable as they are versatile. Modern denim is often made with spandex or elastane, which helps give them some stretch for all-day comfort. Be sure to add at least one pair to your packing list for road trip essentials. 


Road trips aren’t all fast food and gas station snacks. Just in case you find yourself in a more upscale setting, it’s good to have at least one dress in your suitcase. Maxi dresses are comfortable, flattering, and can look good in any situation. If you stick with simple black and white, you can quickly transform it for any occasion, depending on how you accessorize. 

For a more casual event, shorter dresses like shirt dresses and handkerchief dresses are comfy, flowy, and perfect for summer travel. 


With a limited wardrobe at hand, accessories will make all the difference when it comes to creating new looks each day. Sunglasses, belts, and purses can completely transform your basic road trip outfits. Handbags can make a big statement, too, like a rope tote bag that gives off some seriously chic boho vibes. 


There’s no place for uncomfortable shoes on a road trip vacation. Leave the high heels at home and opt for some comfy sneakers, cute espadrille platform shoes, or some beaded slide sandals instead. 


Paper masks aren’t flattering on anyone, but face coverings are definitely packing-list-for-road-trip essentials these days. Cloth face coverings come in every color under the sun with patterns and designs that’ll accentuate your outfit. The WHBM Convertible facemasks even come with an attached necklace, like two accessories in one. How cool is that? Pack a few masks for the trip in your favorite colors for a chic approach to safety on your travels.   

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