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How to Find Your Perfect Power Suit

by Rebecca Casamayor

An impeccable suit can help you feel confident doing all the things that usually make your stomach feel like it’s in knots. Starting a new job? No problem. Running a last-minute morning meeting? You got this. But where do you even begin when it comes to finding the right power suit for you? With all the options out there, there are a handful of principles to keep in mind as you set out to find that suit that makes you feel like a million bucks.

1. Find the Perfect Blend

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By going for a fabric blend, which mixes fibers from multiple different fabrics, you’ll get more out of your power suit. Blends can help prevent wrinkles, which is especially welcome when you’re constantly on the go or hopping from business trip to business trip. To start, look for a durable fabric like polyester that’s blended with either elastane or spandex. Polyester is resistant to creases, and when blended with elastane or spandex, your suit will have some stretch for comfort and movement. Quality is everything but different fabric blends each have their own pros and cons, so do some research and find the mix that offers the right amount of breathability, durability, and comfort for you.

2. Consider Color

White House Black Market Luxe Suiting Longline Jacket in Port

Neutral suits are always a good idea, but today, it’s totally acceptable to play around with nontraditional colors and patterns. For instance, beautiful jewel tones like port, navy, or forest green look elegant year-round and can be worn with other neutral (think: cream, black, camel, and gray) suit separates. This might be a surprise to you but pastels like pale blue and light pink can also be worn all year long. Imagine a pale icy blue suit jacket with a black blouse underneath. Perfection! Multicolored fabrics like tweed, and patterns like houndstooth and plaid, are also iconic options. Start your suit collection with the color you feel like your best self in, and then add in some variety and other patterns so you can mix and match what you have in your closet!

3. Land on the Right Length

A brunette woman in black pants and a white shirt poses against a gray background

The old adage that skirts and dresses should hit just above the knee, or right at it, still holds true. Boot-cut and straight-leg or slim pants should fall about an inch above the floor, while tapered pants should hit right at the ankle. The secret to success when finding pants that are the right length is to bring your heels with you when you try them on. We’ve come a long way, and short, regular, and long options are readily available these days, so take advantage of the variety. Just remember that having a tailor who’s a phone call away for alterations is key to rocking a power suit that fits like a glove.

4. Suit Up with a Sharp Silhouette

White House Black Market Luxe Suiting Jacket Camel Skirt Suit

Thankfully, the power suit silhouettes of the 80s are over! Long gone are the stuffy fabrics and frumpy lines. Today’s options are inventive yet timeless. So luckily, if you’re not into the pantsuit look, there are plenty of options for you. Try going with a skirt and jacket. Details like feminine waist-defining peplums or double-breasted jackets are on trend and can be paired with more traditional pieces. Try different suit silhouettes and see what you feel best in. When you put on a silhouette that makes you want to yell “look at me!” you’ve found the winner.

Ready to take over the world in your power suit? With this foundation, you’ll be well on your way!

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