The New WorkKit


by Lani Kim

It’s no secret that work wardrobes have changed drastically over the last couple of years. One thing we’ve learned is to roll with the punches and stay on our toes.  

Now, it’s time to build your wardrobe for all of the twists and turns life might throw at you. Let’s explore how women’s business attire can be fun, flirty, and vibrant while remaining professional. 

Must-Have Women’s Professional Clothing

Whether you work in an office or enjoy a remote job, it’s essential to have versatile pieces in your closet that are appropriate for any environment. You never know when you’ll need to dress up for a work-related trip or want a nice outfit to pop into the office for a quick meeting.  

But dressing for work doesn’t mean you have to wear a boxy suit! Fortunately, there are some necessities that every woman needs. From fitted denim to blouses with designer details, find the pieces that work for your unique lifestyle. 

Keep comfort and versatility in mind as you’re picking out pieces. Look for timeless styles with clean lines, like sleek pencil skirts paired with a crisp button-up shirt or a feminine blouse to get you through the day in style. 

What Does Women’s Business Attire Look Like for the New Work Lifestyle? 

One of our favorite style tips is to opt for clothing that can be dressed up or down with a few simple changes. With this in mind, there are some timeless items that you’ll need in your repertoire. 

Make sure you have a few tees and turtlenecks, some statement jewelry, and a blazer in your closet for layering when you have a Zoom meeting or video call.  

Going to the office this week? Try a cardigan layered over a sheath dress or a blouse tucked into a wrapped pencil skirt. 

Pants, Trousers, and Denim 

Some closet must-haves include versatile trousers and pants that can be worn with heels or flats, solid or patterned blouses, and button-up shirts for all kinds of work occasions. 

Our WHBM Runway Leggings are a hit when you’re working from home. You can dress your leggings up with a patterned quarter-sleeve tunic and chunky statement necklace. No one in the video conference will ever know you’re wearing your comfiest, stretchiest bottoms. 

It’s not time to retire those boot-cuts and dark straight-leg jeans just yet, either. Dark jeans are fun for casual Fridays in the office or paired with a tee and cardigan when you’ll be working at home for the day.  

Dresses and Pencil Skirts

Midi dresses and pencil skirts can take you from day to evening with ease. Whether it’s for a casual business meetup or you’re headed to a dinner with an important client, find dynamic pieces that you can easily dress up or down with heels, fitted jackets, and accessories like scarves. 

Explore what makes you feel comfortable, unique, and stylish. Women’s professional clothing doesn’t have to be dull or drab! 

Cardigans, Blazers, and Jackets 

Blazers, jackets, and cardigans are great pieces for layering. A solid ribbed turtleneck with a blazer over it, paired with a pendant necklace, sounds like a simple outfit, but with the right combination, you’ll be the fashion buzz amongst co-workers. 

Blazers are also great with sheath dresses, as they can give the ensemble some structure. Alternatively, combine them with pants to keep the look polished and poised. 

Blouses, Tops, Tees, and Shells 

A crisp, well-fitting white button-up is vital for any wardrobe. Also be sure to keep couple of solid and patterned blouses in your closet that you can wear with a statement necklace or simple pair of earrings. Tees and shells are great under cardigans, under blazers, or on their own. 

Shoes for Every Occasion 

Black pumps are always great for work, but you can easily dress them down with boyfriend jeans for a casual workday or pair them with our Comfort Stretch Ankle Pants.  

Flats are ideal whether you’re working from home or in the office, and they look great with just about anything — midi dresses included! Try pairing them with fitted pants and a tunic for a crisp, clean look.  

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