Denim + Couture From Runway to Closet


by Lani Kim

How often you should wash jeans is one of the top fashion questions out in the universe. While some denim experts declare that you should never wash your jeans, some might find that too extreme. Spills, dirt and drips happen. It seems unrealistic for your denim to never spend time in your hamper. While it is not recommended to clean them after every wear, some jean aficionados suggest washing them every five to ten times, which feels more realistic. Of course, hand washing your denim or dropping it off at a dry cleaner are options, although neither is time or cost-effective. When the time comes to put your jeans in the washing machine, here are some helpful hints for cleaning your jeans. 

General Jean Washing Tips

  • Turn your jeans inside out, this will not only prevent any fading but will help remove oils and lotions that might have rubbed off from your legs. 
  • Wash them with similar colors. Feel free to mix in brand-new jeans with your dark shades like blacks and grays. 
  • Choose the gentlest or a delicate cycle and the coldest water option. 
  • As far as detergent, your regular detergent is suitable. Never use bleach unless you purposely want to permanently change the color. 
  • When the washer cycle is complete, do not put them in the dryer since the heat can be harsh and warp the denim. Always air dry your jeans. 
WHBM Blue Jean

More Tips:

How to Wash Your Black Denim

WHBM black Jean

When washing black jeans for the first time, consider as an alternative to detergent using half a cup of distilled white vinegar, which helps set colors. Refer to above for the rest of the cleaning instructions.   

How to Wash Embellished Denim

WHBM embellished Jean
  • Denim with added details like studding, embroidery or beading, should be hand washed to avoid losing any embellishment.  
  • Spot clean when you can by blotting the stain using wet wipes. 
  • To give it a more robust wash, fill a tub or sink with cold water and a mild detergent. 
  • Turn jeans inside out and gently dip them into the water a few times and then rinse. Don’t wring them out. 
  • Air dry. 

Figuring out the right way to clean denim will help keep our favorite pairs in our wardrobe for years to come.   

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