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Healthy Habits for the Holidays

by Kim Izzo

We are counting down the best ways to keep your season stress-free and full of cheer.


By Erica Drueckhammer

You already know stress is the ultimate fun killer, it not only zaps energy but it can lead to compromised immunity, poor sleep & let’s face facts—it leaves little room for savoring special moments with friends & family.

Don’t worry, by integrating just a few of these fit tips & treasured time-outs, you’ll easily put your mental & physical wellbeing high on Santa’s list. By the time you ring in the New Year, you’ll genuinely be able to raise a glass to your health. Let the countdown begin…

#3 Treat Yourself: ME TIME

YES, a self-gift is great! And we have some stunning suggestions, including the hottest femme-detailed festive night-out tops, but this solution is about the giving yourself the gift of time & energy. Here’s some me-time suggestions, pick your favorite!

√  15 minutes of morning meditation

This is a staff favorite for running defense against unexpected family visits, too many gifts left on the list & more seasonally specific stressors.

√  Nightly pre-bed bath time

This sanctuary should include your favorite chromo-, sound-, or scent-therapy indulgences.

√  Dedicate 20 minutes for a creativity burst at lunch

Journal, dance, paint, draw, craft—creativity is a muscle too & it opens up untapped energy in your mind & body midday! Tis the season to use it, not lose it.

√  Weekly massages

Who needs to be convinced of this?

 √  15 minutes of nightly stretching

Slow, deliberate & deep stretching before bed can help increase oxygen intake, sleep quality & all the benefits that come along with staying flexible in the midst of the hustle bustle.

Enjoy the best of both worlds …


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#2 Dashing through the Season: STAY ACTIVE

We said dashing, not rushing. Rushing perpetuates the feeling of being behind. We mean stay active, after all a body in motion feels more motivated. But with colder temps & shorter/darker days, it can be easy to cuddle up early in front of the fireplace.

Pro-tip for staying active & productive?

Choose one or two lazy evenings a week, where you allow/plan to shoot straight into pajamas. Otherwise, this is the perfect time of year to fill your free time with 2-for-1 dates that check your to-do list & your social obligations — like gift shopping with buddies, recipe trials for the big party with your hubby & tree decorating with the kiddos.

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Exercise goals can be way easier to achieve in small chunks & attached to other necessary activities, rather than carving out the time.

These little gems add up & can keep you on top of your goals, create better sleep, reduce stress hormones & help you maintain energy through the day!

√ Snag 2 minutes of high intensity jogging, or stamina-building yoga poses after each bathroom break

√ Find 10 minutes before meals to raise your heart rate

√ Resolve to take the stairs instead

√ Plan out-of-the-box activities with friends like a winter hike or hit the ice-skating rink

√ Take post-dinner strolls around the neighborhood to enjoy Christmas lights

√  Opt for an early morning dance party to your favorite holiday jams

#1 Don’t wait for New Years to Resolve: WINTER WELLBEING

Pour a cup of cheer & stave off the winter doldrums by prioritizing your mental health with the little needle movers that will make a big difference.    

√  Give yourself the gift of sleep.

A few of the easiest ways of influencing your Z’s? Choose sleep friendly snacks at night, opt for nuts & cheese not candy or caffeine. If you are traveling, use relaxation apps, sleep masks, or ear plugs to ensure silent nights.

√  Get an extra dose of afternoon sunshine for that all-important vitamin D. And when it’s possible, get your other vitamins from healthy food.

√  Surround yourself with mood-boosting sounds & sights.

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√  Practice realistic eating goals.

No one deserves to land on the naughty list for enjoying their favorite treats. Instead of giving yourself a free pass, decide how many indulgences you want to allow a day or for the week. It will be much easier to pass on the store-bought cookies at the office, if you know Grandma’s famous cookies are waiting at home.

√  Practice gratitude every day. There’s a reason we’ve all heard the studies, expressing thanks works to keep the good things top of mind & winter worries at bay. A great time to reflect on these gratitudes is during your daily commute.

√   Ask for help! There are more ways to connect with one of our gifted style advisors than ever, so you can kick back, relax & enjoy the sleigh ride this season!

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