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Day-to-Night Outfits: 4 Ways to Easily Transition Your Look

by Rebecca Casamayor

Busy women need a wardrobe full of day-to-night outfits that can take them from the boardroom to after-work activities. Whether you got a last-minute invite to a black-tie gala halfway through the work day or you’re having a casual dinner with girlfriends, life demands clothes that offer up maximum versatility for whatever is thrown at us.

These simple tips will make it easier for you to take any outfit from day to night in style.

1. Reversible = Multiple Outfits in One

Every woman needs at least one reversible dress in her closet. There’s no need to pack extra clothes for a wardrobe change before an important work event or after-work fundraising function. Instead, wear the reversible dress one way during office hours and then turn it inside-out at night. If you opt for a reversible dress that’s a solid color when worn one way and a pattern when reversed, you’ll have two very different looks from one dress.

WHBM Reversible Dress

2. Layer Like a Pro

Sometimes you just have to add (or remove) a layer from your workday look to take it into the night. If you need to dress up your outfit for a night out, wear a fitted sheath dress with a blazer during the day and remove the blazer for your after-work affair. Add a red lip to the look to glam it up even more. If you normally wear pants and a blazer to the office and you need to dress it down for a low-key dinner with friends, try taking off the blazer and putting on something that gives off a more casual vibe. A relaxed-fit sweater is a great option.

3. Use Accessories to Transform Your Look

There’s perhaps no easier way to transform your day-to-night outfits than by swapping out your accessories. Change out of your pointed-toe heels and put on a strappier pair, or go wild with a leopard-print boot. Trade your everyday crystal studs for a statement-making hoop or a drop earring. If you usually bring your tote to the office, consider throwing in a clutch. When you’re ready to leave for date night, you can transform your outfit from day to night with the swap of a bag.

Day to Night Outfits

4. The Jumpsuit: A One-Piece Wonder

Need some day-to-night outfits that will take you from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.? When in doubt, reach for a black jumpsuit. No need to put together a full outfit with multiple different pieces—a jumpsuit wraps your whole look up into one chic piece. If it’s a sleeveless or strapless version, add a tailored blazer or a cardigan over it to make it work for the office. When you head out for date night, take off this layer and you’ll be ready to party.

For easy day-to-night outfits, start by investing in reversible clothes, key layering pieces, a few statement accessories, and a couple versatile jumpsuits. Before you know it, you’ll be transitioning from day to night with style and ease.

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