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Comfortable Work Clothes: 5 Garments That Are Cozy and Stylish

by Rebecca Casamayor

Is the best part of your day when arrive home from the office and immediately change into comfy clothes? If you’re nodding your head, we have good news: You don’t need to suffer to be stylish.

There are plenty of comfortable work clothes that are chic—you just have to know what to look for! So next time you’re shopping, don’t choose style over comfort. Get inspired by these five garments that give you the best of both worlds.

1. The Classic Turtleneck Sweater

A blonde woman in a black turtleneck and herringbone tweed trousers stands against a gray background

Did your mom dress you in turtlenecks when you were little? She was onto something! This classic design is comfy and cozy, and has been modernized to be your new work-wear hero. For a sharp look, go for a form-fitting turtleneck sweater in a ribbed knit material. Look for a nylon fabric, which is durable and will hold its shape without ironing—a major bonus for anyone who is rushing out the door in the morning—that’s most of us!

2. The Skinny Stretch Pants

Velvet Leggings

Bring the comfort of leggings out of the gym and into the office with a pair of skinny stretch pants. There are so many options that are a step up in quality from a classic pair of leggings, but they still have an elasticized waist for optimal comfort. Opt for a more luxurious material than spandex such as dark denim, suede, velvet, or leather. These comfy, chic pants are a must-have in every woman’s closet.

3. The Easy Heel

A woman wears a pencil skirt and a pair of leopard-skin slingbacks on a gray background.

Stilettos can make you feel like you’re on top of the world, but they’re not always the most comfortable option. If you’re craving a work shoe that’s easier to wear, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in sneakers, go for a low or kitten heel—yes, they’re back! Wearing a more practical heel will still give you some height, but will save your feet from discomfort.

4. The Shift Dress

When you want to get dressed without any fuss, what’s your go-to look? You can’t get a simpler (yet totally effective) combination than a shift dress and tights. A shift dress is naturally loose fitting, meaning that it’s one of the most comfortable styles. Drapey fabrics like satin and crepe complement the easy shape of the shift dress. The best hemline for this silhouette is a short one. Balanced with a high neckline, long sleeves, and opaque tights or leggings, this comfy tunic is perfect for chilly months.

5. The Duster Cardigan

Ribbed Duster

Duster cardigans have the ease of wear you associate with your favorite bathrobe, but they’re a just a bit more sleek. Wear a duster over anything from suiting trousers and blouses to jeans and T-shirts. Wear it open to create a long, lean silhouette, or belt it for definition at the waist. Just be careful to not take an accidental snooze at your desk—after all, you’ll feel like you’re snuggled up with a blanket!

We’ve come a long way since the saying “fashion is pain” gained popularity. Today, you can look good and feel good every day. Start shopping for comfortable work clothes with this list.

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