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Clothing and Self-Esteem: 3 Tips for Feeling Great By Looking Good

by Rebecca Casamayor

There’s a crystal-clear link between clothing and self-esteem: What you choose to wear can affect your mood. We all have outfits in our closet that instantly boost our confidence and make us feel ready to crush the day. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like that every day? It’s not impossible with these tips!

1. Find Your Signature Look

Brunette woman stands against a gray background, wearing a double-breasted black jacket.

Your outfit has an important job every single day: it needs to energize you to take on the world. By crafting your own signature look that makes you feel empowered and accentuates the features you love, you’ll be able to recreate this feeling every day. Are you most comfortable in a tailored, monochromatic look? Or does wearing a less-structured, more-forgiving ensemble make you feel like your best self? Are you a print gal or would you rather wear solids? Once you find out what your go-to look is, you’ll be able to build an entire wardrobe around it, and it will be easy to step out of the house feeling self-assured every day.

2. Prioritize Fit Over Everything

Clothes that fit, and I mean really fit, are the key to self-esteem. It’s not always about having the perfect body, but it’s about learning how to dress the one you have. If you have a tummy, try going with a shift or wrap dress. If you have a straight figure, try an A-line or wrap dress to add a bit of shape. Anything with a defined waistline will be your best friend. Explore different cuts and fabrics to find what flatters you most, and this goes without saying, but make sure you have a go-to tailor!

3. Play Up Your Best Assets

A blonde woman in a champagne-and-black lace top wears a gold-tone Swarovski pendant.

There are certain style hacks that can help you play up your best assets. For instance, if you aren’t genetically blessed with long, skinny legs (few are!), use your footwear to create the illusion of longer gams. High heels lengthen the legs, making you look taller, and choosing pumps that match your skin tone or hosiery can give you even more length.

When choosing accessories, find jewelry that highlights your favorite features. For instance, a long, simple chain necklace or drop earrings will draw the eye down and make you look taller. If you have a petite frame, avoid pieces that will weigh you down. A dainty necklace and stud earrings will add a little pizzazz without overpowering you.

Clothing and self-esteem go hand-in-hand, and the right outfits can really give your confidence a boost—or at least help you fake it ’til you make it!

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