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by Lani Kim

a blazer is the classic completer piece

Is there any item in your wardrobe as game-changing as a blazer? These fitted and flattering jackets have a way of elevating just about anything you might think to pair them with. Put a blazer with trousers or a fitted skirt, and you’re ready for that client meeting or job interview. If you’re wearing a floaty, feminine dress, a blazer can add structure and professionalism (and also can be easily removed so you can go from desk to date night.) Even the simplest, most casual outfits look polished and put together with a blazer thrown on top; denim and a simple tee become business casual thanks to our versatile friend. 

Perhaps because blazers offer us so many options, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a blazer! From traditional, suit-inspired jackets to playful, feminine peplum blazers, you can find a wide array of silhouettes and styles at White House Black Market.  

Not sure which one is right for the occasion—or your personal style? Follow this guide to discover the best blazer for you.


a formal blazer adds polish to the most casual outfits

A dressy blazer is fitted, flattering, and is made from a more traditional fabric such as wool or a textured cotton blend. These blazers may vary in shape, sleeve length and collar style, but all tend to emphasize a smaller waist and have definition in the shoulders to balance out hips. A double-breasted jacket, like White House Black Market’s Studio Blazer, is one classic option. With a strong shoulder and a structured shape, it instantly elevates denim or stretch pants, and is the perfect complement to a more formal skirt or trouser, too. For a more nipped in waist, a single-breasted jacket will contour your curves. No matter what silhouette you choose, details such as hardware or lace can make all the difference.  

The good news about a more formal-looking blazer is you don’t have to wear it with dressy clothes. Pair it with denim or a simple cotton sheath dress and you’ve instantly upgraded the glam factor, without giving up an iota of comfort.  

That being said, if you are dressing for a more formal occasion, a dressy blazer is the perfect companion to trousers or a pencil skirt. Tip: the more buttoned up the occasion, the more important it is to match the color and fabric of the blazer to the pants or skirt. Stick with a simple, silk collared blouse to achieve the look of traditional suiting. 

All the same, getting “suited up” isn’t the only way to wear a dressy blazer when you’re dressing for a more formal occasion. Worn with a structured dress and elegant jewelry, your blazer can take you from the office to a wedding or other special occasion. 


casual jackets can even be paired with shorts for a more structured look

Just as a dressy jacket is more structured, a casual blazer will be made from a softer fabric and may be a little less fitted. A blazer with roll-sleeves is the perfect companion to jeans or even leggings, shorts or a fun, flowy dress.  

While easier-going than a dressy blazer, a casual blazer will still emphasize a small waist, thanks to strategically placed buttons or a zipper, and add structure to your shoulders—which in turn leans out your hips. This more laid-back jacket style may be oversized, cropped, or another unconventional shape; it’s important to always choose your correct size either way to ensure a flattering fit. 

One truly iconic casual blazer look is the long-over-lean silhouette, which you can achieve by pairing a longer-length blazer, such as the Editor Blazer with a skinny jean or fitted pants—so you’ll have coverage without sacrificing sophistication.  Elevated lining and satin piping give this jacket extra polish.  Another popular choice is a moto jacket, which marries the edge of a traditional motorcycle leather zip-up with feminine, flattering details. 

Working from home and have an important Zoom meeting with the C-suite? Add a casual blazer, statement jewelry and tie your hair back into a sleek low ponytail or bun, and voila! Above-the-keyboard elegance is yours (no matter what you’re wearing underneath.) 


White House Black Market’s Signature Blazer works elegantly with dressy and casual looks

While some blazers evoke a more traditional look, and others have a casual vibe, you’ll also find multi-tasking blazers that look elegant whether you’re pairing them with a your most tailored trousers…or your comfiest jeans. Case in point: the simple, flattering silhouette of the WHBM Signature Blazer makes it perfect whether you’re wearing it to the boardroom or a Broadway play; for an interview or for a weekend adventure. 

The shape is simple—but the design is genius. The faux peplum back and hourglass shape contour your body perfectly. The Signature Blazer looks great on everyone and goes with everything—that’s why, indeed, it’s the most versatile blazer you’ll find. 


blazers in textured fabric have an elevated glamour

You’ll find blazers in as many fabrics as you’d find any other item of clothing—from wool to denim to lace to a leather-inspired blend. If you’re not getting a jacket custom-made or tailored, ideally, you should choose a blazer made from a fabric that has both structure and give to it, so that it will mold to fit your unique body shape.  

Another advantage of a blazer made with a modal-polyester blend is that it will keep you comfortable regardless of the climate. While wool is ideal for chilly temperatures—but might result in some unpleasant perspiration if your office is overheated—and cotton is meant just for light layering, a blended fabric works for a variety of different weather and thermostat conditions.  

Unlike wool, you can machine-wash a blended fabric blazer; all White House Black Market’s fabrics are machine-wash safe (though you might choose the delicate cycle to be safe, if you have an older washing machine.) 


peplum detail on a blazer adds a touch of femininity

Whether you’re choosing a dressy or a formal blazer, one detail you’ll see often at White House Black Market is a peplum. We love the femininity and fluidity of the peplum, and have seen it flatter all body shapes and sizes. We think this silhouette is genius, particularly how it emphasizes a narrow waist and makes the hip area below the peplum seem slim and in perfect proportion to the shoulders. 

Whether you wear a peplum blazer with pants, a skirt, or a dress, do be conscious of proportions. You’ll want to keep the hipline sleek and slim to counterbalance the volume of the jacket’s silhouette. 

All the same, if you prefer a more streamlined jacket, we offer many simpler, sleeker silhouettes to support you. A blazer is a signature wardrobe piece, so it’s important to choose one that matches your personal style. And fortunately, the options are limitless. 

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