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Be Mine: Romantic Outfits for Valentine’s Day

by Lani Kim

this romantic red dress is perfect for date night

By Jorie Mark

We shouldn’t need an excuse to give those structured staples like blazers and work pants the day off, and instead wear something flirty, pink, and unapologetically feminine. That being said, consider Valentine’s Day to be your official invitation to channel your inner girly-girl and enjoy some of the most romantic and flattering designs we’ve ever crafted. 

From florals and flounces to blush hues and lace, White House Black Market’s limited-edition capsule is perfect for a table for two, a Galentine’s Day celebration with your besties…or any day when you feel like celebrating your femininity, no companion required.  

Get ready to swoon over our five most romantic looks.


White House Black Market blush camisole with French writing

What lovestruck soul took a pen to this blush-colored silky camisole and wrote the French words, “le coup de foudre,” as well as the English translation, “love at first sight”? We’re not sure what inspired this passionate scrawl, but it’s hard not to think of a transatlantic romance involving tear-stained love letters mailed from a Parisian address. 

Why we’re smitten: this cami is the perfect nod to romance—and best of all, because the neckline is flattering without being scandalous (it’s available in both round and v-neck options), you can slip it under your favorite fitted blazer and look polished and put-together at work. 

Would you rather keep the love letters a secret? We’re down with staying on downlow. The cami is reversible—so you can display a tasteful anthurium floral to the world, while the declarations of love remain a mystery against your skin. 


this love letter butterfly halter top is enchanting

If you thought the love letter motif was too charming to be limited to just one piece, we agree! That’s why we also offer a halter top bearing the words, “le coup de foudre”—and if you’re anything like us, you’ll indeed feel “love at first sight” when you notice the way the sumptuous black fabric rests against your skin.

Why we’re smitten: the silky tie at the throat of this mock-neck halter is sexy and sophisticated (especially with hair upswept), and the butterfly and floral design has our hearts a-flutter. Bonus: we’ve also used this same enchantingly patterned fabric in our handkerchief hem midi dress  and you can buy it as a standalone oblong scarf. As far as we’re concerned, you can never have too much love—at first sight, or otherwise.


a lace mock neck top is perfect for Valentine’s Day

“Love is patient, love is kind…” We’ve all heard this popular wedding reading. But, it’s hard to be patient about love (or kind to that coworker who keeps piling on the projects, for that matter) when you have a long eight hours to go until the workday is through and date night begins. 

That’s why this White House Black Market lace mock neck top is exactly what to wear when you won’t have time to run home after work to throw on something silky. Below a blazer or paired with a pencil skirt, the lacy top is perfectly professional…but the romantic lace pattern and back zipper closure make it well-suited to after-hours adventures.

Why we’re smitten: the nylon lacy top is unlined, leaving it up to you how revealing you’d like to be. Layer over a camisole for full coverage. Or, just wear lingerie underneath…if you dare.


this floral flouncy dress is perfect for Valentine’s Day

As much as we love a subtle feminine detail here and there, sometimes you need to bring out all the stops—and that’s where this sleeveless laurel midi dress comes in. Made from a flowy Georgette patterned in delicate flowers, this stunner of a dress is the perfect embodiment of femininity: from its flounces and pleats to the dainty pastel palette that brings out the blush in your cheeks.

Why we’re smitten: it’s hard to find a dress that’s this much of a statement piece yet also is so versatile. Wear it with heels to a garden party—or slip on flats and a cozy cardigan, and it’s lovely at a picnic or other casual outing. We will say we think this romantic frock best suited for a barefoot walk along the beach holding that special someone’s hand, with your hair flowing in the wind, of course.


pink rose braided sandals go with your most romantic looks

Dressing romantically is about more than blouses and dresses. Complete your look with something sweet on your feet, like these strappy braided sandals in a darling smoke rose hue. In fact, a shoe like this can be an unexpected feminine accent on those days when you choose to leave your girly-girl clothes in the back of the closet; they add a surprisingly soft touch when you’re wearing a straight skirt or a more traditional tailored pant. We even like them with denim!

Why we’re smitten: with a 3.25” heel, these mid-heel sandals are exactly the right height to amp up the glamour, and the secure fit thanks to a ballet slipper inspired tie at the ankle mean you’ll be comfortable on your toes all night.

Explore the complete Valentine’s Day capsule at WhiteHouseBlackMarket.com.

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