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5 Ways to Elevate Your Classic Style

by Rebecca Casamayor

The key to achieving a classic style is a neutral black-and-white base with a clean silhouette and a flawless fit. But there are plenty of ways to weave your personality into a timeless outfit. Here are five ways to elevate a classic look and put your own twist on it.

1. Add a Pop of Color

You already have the concept of a curated collection of clothing under control, so why not have some fun with color? Sticking to the formula of a black-and-white base plus one pop of color is virtually foolproof. Mix in a colorful, patterned scarf or a luxe pair of red pumps to take your look to the next level.

2. Dazzle with Details

Incorporating a piece that has details, such as ruffles or subtle cutouts, adds interest and personality to a classic outfit. If you’re going for an elegant look, stick with pearls and bows. If you’re trying to mix in patterns, don’t be afraid to swap out a solid-color blouse for a floral blouse under a neutral suit jacket.

3. Blend Dressy and Casual

Try taking your after-five look into the office. Simple swaps will keep your wardrobe feeling fresh. Opt for a leather jacket instead of a classic blazer over a sheath dress, or pair a tunic with a slick pair of black jeans instead of dress pants. As long as you choose tasteful silhouettes, you can switch up a classic style by adding casual pieces to your outfit.

4. Go for Texture

Adding a bit of flair with texture while staying within a neutral palette is easy. A faux-fur vest, a sweater jacket, or a pair of houndstooth pumps are all simple ways to elevate your look. While suede and embossed accessories never go out of style, try incorporating a piece like a ribbed sweater into your outfit for both texture and a layered look.

5. Maximize Accessories

Finishing touches are chic, easy ways to elevate your outfits. Belts—such as a wide obi belt or a skinny belt—can help define your figure while adding a special touch to your outfit. Jewelry adds movement. By incorporating an eye-catching bracelet or exchanging a tote for a clutch, you can easily take your classic look from the office to a night out.

If your style is classic, there are still ways for you to elevate your look while staying true to yourself. Try one—or all—of these tips to create timeless outfits that are unique to you.

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