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5 Spring Scarf Trends to Upgrade Your Outfit

by Rebecca Casamayor

For many fashion-lovers, scarves are a year-round staple. However, winter and spring scarves couldn’t be more different. In the winter, these accessories serve a more functional role as a barrier against the cold. In the spring, scarves become the ultimate fashion statement thanks to lightweight, luxurious fabrics and trendy prints.

If you’re ready to swap your bulky winter scarves for something more stylish, here are five spring scarf trends you’ll definitely want to try this year.

1. Blushing Beauties

One of the most popular colors this spring is blush pink, so it should come as no surprise that this light, airy hue has found its way into the world of accessories. As you browse the racks this spring, you’ll likely see many blush scarves just waiting to be added to your wardrobe. A blush-colored scarf, especially with a floral print, is the perfect way to jazz up a simple work dress, add a spring-inspired pop of color to a monochromatic outfit, or bring personality to your weekend brunch look.

Floral-Print Oblong Scarf

2. Hair Scarves

One of the great things about scarves is that there are so many ways to style them. You can go the traditional route, draping the fabric around your neck, but you can also change it up and wear your scarf as a shawl or even as a belt. This spring, there’s a new trend to style this classic accessory: as a hair wrap. Don’t be surprised when you see women sporting short silk scarves as hair ties, letting the fabric flow along with their ponytails. It’s a fun, unexpected way to dress up your everyday updo.

3. Scarves as Wraps

Another one of the spring scarf trends this year is to wear a scarf as a wrap. Transitional weather can be a bit unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to have an extra layer on hand in case a breeze picks up. Scarves that have more of a square shape are perfect as wraps, especially over formal outfits. Even if you’re not using it for warmth, you can play with interesting fabrics to add an extra touch of texture to your ensemble.

Wrap with Fringe Ends

4. Bag Scarves

Don’t donate those old and underused scarves just yet. One of the latest ways to style patterned scarves is as a decorative accent on your favorite oversized handbag. If you have a pretty scarf that you just don’t wear anymore, try tying it to one side of your go-to purse, especially if the bag is a neutral color. It’s a great way to get even more use out of your old accessories and bring a fresh look to an otherwise basic bag.

5. Refreshed Florals

Florals are a classic spring pattern, but this year, you won’t be seeing small, dated flower motifs. Instead, this season promises lots of lovely modern prints featuring oversized blooms. These almost abstract designs make a big statement, and they can bring intrigue to just about any outfit, whether you’re heading to the boardroom or the dog park.

Floral oblong scarf

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